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    You do not have access rights to this terminal type. Please verify with AIS at Tel: (65)65956053 or (65)65956056.


    A pilot or aircraft operator is required to submit a flight plan to Air Traffic Control (ATC) in respect of the following flights:

    1. Flights on airways, associated holding areas and all other controlled airspaces whether IFR or VFR;
    2. Any flight or portion thereof to be provided with air traffic control service;
    3. Any flight within or into designated areas, or along designated routes to facilitate co-ordination with appropriate military units or with air traffic service units in adjacent States in order to avoid the possible need for interception for the purpose of identification;
    4. Any flight across international borders.

    Please refer to AIP Singapore page ENR 1.10-1.

    With the exception of an emergency situation, at all times, a helicopter shall not be operated within the Changi Control Zone or overland and outside of Heli-Route Charlie, unless prior permission has been obtained from the Director-General, CAAS.

    Please refer to AIP Singapore page ENR 3.4-3.

    Owing to the high concentration of built-up areas, severe airspace limitations and intense low flying aircraft operations, flights by the following aircraft types are prohibited over the territory of Singapore:

    Aircraft principally designed for the purpose of sports or recreation, commonly referred to as home-built, ultralight, microlight, hang-glider and such others, even though they may have a valid Certificate of Registration or a Certificate of Airworthiness.

    Please refer to AIP Singapore page ENR 5.5-1.

    A pilot can report a bird or wildlife strike via RTF to Air Traffic Control (ATC) or by completing and submitting a copy of the Wildlife Strike Reporting Form to Airside Management Centre, Changi Airport Group (email: change.airside@changiairport.com).

    Please refer to AIP Singapore page ENR 5.6-3.